TheSummitExpress Logo Making Contest, one of the fastest growing news blogs in the country recently announced a logo making contest, envisioning to improve the performance and brand of the site.

Logo Making Contest

The proposed logo for TheSummitExpress represents the simple and minimalist appeal of social media with the desired professional image of the news portal.

Color: The creator used white, gray, black and shades of blue for the favicon and backdrop. These colors are carefully selected and balanced such that it will fit the overall look and template of the site while maintaining its professional design.

Favicon: The minimalist-type favicon displays the main initials of the site, S (summit) and E (express) , both represented by the shape formed by three bars. Overlaid in these bars, are transparent curves which do not only add gloss to the icon but also represent “express” and “impeccable” news conveyance. The lowest bar is partnered with a sharp pointed tail, which aids in crafting the overall stylish and sensible look of dialogue or expression in the logo.

Font: The font style and colors used for the title are intended to be simple to maintain the professional image of the site. Each character are made to appear chiseled and sharpened to derive a superior and reputable appeal.

Banner: is one of the fastest growing news blogs in the Philippines. It has maintained a consistent high rank in Google search engine. As it continues to grow, the creator sees it to extend to as many places in the planet as possible.

UPDATE: This logo won the said competition and is now being used by TheSummitExpress in its blogging site and social media pages like twitter and facebook.

Do you like this logo and banner? We are pleased to hear from you, leave us your comments and suggestions.