Winter Trip in Switzerland

Hi everyone, in this blog, I will share with you a very memorable winter holiday experience I had in Switzerland.

I had a short weekend trip to Switzerland in March. In this trip I spent most of my time in a small village called Wildhaus. Wildhaus is a high lying municipality in St Gallen canton, which is in the eastern region of Switzerland. You can get to this village by train which only takes an hour from the Zurich airport.

You will never get bored on a train trip around Switzerland. Along the way, you can enjoy a winter wonderland view of the villages and farms all covered with snow.

I stayed in Stump’s Alpenrose hotel which offers a lot of amenities such as spa where you can relax and enjoy a hot sauna after your ski activities, and their restaurant serves a wide range of Swiss and international food options. The best thing about this hotel is that it is located at the top of the village. And because of this, you can get a very picturesque view not only of the village landscape but also of the surrounding mountain range.

Here is a snap of my first morning in the village. Everything is just covered with thick snow.

On this trip, I have tried and learned to ski for the very first time. It is an absolute fun activity. Beginner’s tip, walking like a duck will be a useful skill when skiing. Below is my photo with my very patient ski instructor.

After the ski training, I tried the local drink Schumliflumli drink which is very well known in the region.

I went to Gade Lodge restaurant for dinner where I tried the local fondue. This is something you should not miss when your in Switzerland. The fondue cheese is one of the best that I had.

In summary, I would highly recommend visiting this place if first, you are looking to relax or second, if you are looking to ski in an area which is not packed with visitors and lastly, if you are looking for a local Swiss experience. Here are the other pictures I took from the trip.