How to Report and Replace Lost or Stolen Metrobank ATM Card

Lost ATM cardIn case your Metrobank ATM card is lost or stolen you need to immediately report it and ask for replacement in the branch where you opened your account. This is to avoid great loss of hard earned money from unauthorized transfers and withdrawals made on your account.

Below are the few steps and requirements you need report and replace your lost/stolen Metrobank ATM Card.

1. Call the metrobank hotline number (632) 8700-700. You can also try to contact the following phone numbers in case the hotline is unavailable:

Metrobank Customer Care 898-8701 / 898-8702
Metrobank Toll Free 1-800-1888-5775
Metrobank Phone Banking  5-8000
Metrobank Phone Banking Toll Free 1-800-1888-5-800
When you're call is connected to Metrobank customer service representative you can request blocking of your bank account to stop or prevent unauthorized withdrawals and transactions through your card.

The customer service representative will ask for your personal information such as address, and birth date to
validate your ownership and other security purposes. The  representative will also provide details on how you can replace your ATM card.

2. To replace your ATM card, you need to visit the branch where you opened you account. Below are the requirements you need to bring:
  • Notarized affidavit of loss
  • Valid Id
  • PHP 150.00 replacement fee
When you are already in the bank, proceed to "New Accounts" and present your affidavit of loss and ID to the account officer. The account officer will ask you to accomplish two copies of replacement forms. 

These days, most Metrobank branches, have available machine that can immediately produce ATM cards. You can now claim your Metrobank ATM card replacement the same day that you applied for it compared to previous years where you would need to wait for 3 to 4 banking days. 

You will also have the choice of charging the PHP 150.00 replacement fee to your account or pay it on cash basis.

Once you claimed your new ATM card, check and ensure correctness of the name printed in the card. If there were misspelled or erroneous entries, report it immediately to the account officer.

Your new activated ATM pin number will also be provided. To secure your account, change this PIN immediately.

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