Star Cinema's Tuhog Official Trailer

After the success of Zanjoe Marudo's Bromance, the partnership of Star Cinema and Skylight Films will be offering another comedy movie which will bring laughter to Filipino moviegoers. The movie is called "Tuhog" which will star Eugene Domingo, Leo Martinez, Enchong Dee, Jake Cuenca, and Empress Schuck.

Below is the official trailer of Tuhog.

The film title "Tuhog" might sound familiar as it was also the title of Ina Raymundo's sexy movie 2001. This year, 2013, Tuhog will be the title of a dark comedy film telling the story of three lead characters who will unfortunately meet in an accident where they will be fierced in a single steel bar.

Eugene Domingo plays the role of Fiesta, a bus barker taking care of her father with dementia and will soon be involved in a love affair with a bus driver named Nato played by Jake Cuenca.

Leo Martinez portrays the role of Tonio, who is a retiree who will gamble his pension to fulfill his dream of becoming a baker, by opening a bakery in his name.

Enchong Dee is Caloy in Tuhog, a young man who have a long-distance relationship with a Angel played by Empress. The two promised to preserve their virginities for each other but the trouble arises when he doubted Angel's loyalty and tried to find another girl.

Their lives will literally get connected as they meet in a bus accident and got hooked by the same steel bar. Whose life will be saved? This will be the answer we shall anticipate during the showing of the movie which is on July 17, 2013.

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